Song lawyers have handled many cases with significant influence at home and abroad, including:

 Case of financial fraud and securities market manipulation by Xingtian Ma (the Chairman of Kangmei Pharmaceutical)

 Case of taking bribes by Zeng (the former Member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the United Front Minister)

 Case of taking bribes by Xu (the former secretary of the Municipal Committee of a city in Guangdong) 

 Case of taking bribes by Chen (Vice President of the head office of CITIC Bank)

 Case of offering bribes by the President of a listed company (to Qingliang Wan, the former Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee)

 Case of organizing or leading pyramid selling activities by Ming Huang (founder of Yun Lian Hui)

 Case of fraud by Weicong Chen (formerly a famous TV host in Guangdong)

 Case of rape by Cheng (a former reporter of Nanfang Daily)

 Case of children-killing by Jiping Liu at Heyuan Hakka Park

 Case of “Fake Loans” by Zhang et al. (the No.1 gang-related case of Huizhou)

 Case of organizing crime of a gangland nature by Xie (the first gang-related case in Shantou)


“Not Guilty” Cases

 Case of contract fraud by He

 Case of contract fraud by Chen

 Case of taking bribes by Wu

 Case of taking bribes and illegal possession of firearms by Wen

 Case of bigamy by Chen

 Case of offering bribes to non-state personnel by Yang

 Case of taking bribes by non-state personnel by Wang

 Case of negligent arson by Jing

Song Law Firm is currently one of China's most experienced law firms in the field of foreign-related criminal defense and cross-border crimes defense. It has taken the lead in handling new businesses such as extradition, deportation, and the transfer of sentenced persons.


Representative cases include:

 Case of drug smuggling by Sakuragi Takuma (a former City Councilor of Japan)

 Case concerning extraditing Arndt Matthias Schabert (the first extradition case between China and Germany)

 Case on the transfer of Wu (the first case on the transfer of a sentenced Australian national)

 Case of drug smuggling by Wu (Canadian citizen, and member of a transnational drug manufacturing group)

 Case of transnational money laundering by Han (Chinese American)

 Case of smuggling e-liquid by Ma (U.S. citizen)

 Case of sheltering others to take drugs by P (Canadian citizen)

 Case of transporting drugs by J (Lebanese citizen)

 Case of a French multinational company being defrauded by telecommunications


The consulates of Germany, Japan, the United States, Colombia, Australia and other countries have either employed Song Law Firm to serve as their criminal legal counsels, or recommended Song lawyers as defense lawyers for the country's nationals under prosecution in China.

Traditional defense lawyers only handle cases after the criminal investigation authority has opened a case for criminal investigation or after the suspects have been detained, resulting in their defense lagging far behind criminal investigation.


Song Law Firm innovatively proposes the concept of "criminal crisis management", extending criminal legal services ahead of the official commencement of criminal proceedings, to handle forthcoming criminal charges facing its clients.


At present, Song Law Firm has provided criminal crisis management plans to many well-known companies, celebrities, and government personnel.

Song Law Firm is the first to handle corporate compliance non-prosecution projects. Song Law Firm took the lead to represent this type of cases when the Supreme People's Procuratorate launched the compliance reform pilot program for enterprises involved in criminal cases.


Song Law Firm has accumulated rich experience in effectively applying to the procuratorates for the application of the compliance non-prosecution system, and in establishing sophisticated criminal compliance system for enterprises involved. Cases handled by Song Law Firm have all successfully passed the examination of the third-party organizations and the procuratorates, and eventually won non-prosecution decisions. Such compliance reform effectively ensured the benign development of these enterprises as well.


Representative cases include:

 Case of compliance non-prosecution of a science and technology limited company in Guangzhou (the first compliance non-prosecution case in Guangzhou, classic case published by the Supreme Procuratorate, suspected crimes: offering bribes by unit, bidding collusion)

 Case of compliance non-prosecution of a renewable resource development limited company in Qingyuan (the first compliance non-prosecution case in Qingyuan, suspected crimes: smuggling waste, smuggling ordinary goods and articles, falsely issuing exclusive VAT invoices)

 Case of compliance non-prosecution of a garment customization supply chain limited company in Guangzhou (suspected crimes: producing and selling fake and shoddy products)

 Case of compliance non-prosecution of an international shipping agency limited company in Guangzhou (suspected crimes: smuggling ordinary goods and articles, evading commodity inspection)

 Case of compliance non-prosecution of a shipping company in Guangzhou (suspected crime: environmental pollution)

 Case of compliance non-prosecution of a science and technology limited company in Beijing (suspected crime: illegal business operation)

 Case of compliance non-prosecution of a passenger and cargo transportation limited company in Sihui (suspected crime: offering bribes by an entity)

 Case of compliance non-prosecution of a real estate development limited company in Qingyuan (suspected crimeoffering bribes by an entity)

In many complex cases, civil disputes and criminal offences coexist, often accompanied by games between shareholders and between counterparties. Lawyers’ responsibility is not only to protect personal freedom, but also to protect their property interests. Therefore, clients are in need of a comprehensive legal solution.

It has always been the strength of Song Law Firm to integrate various legal departments and skillfully utilize the relationship between different litigation procedures to formulate the best litigation strategy. Song Lawyers have succeeded in influencing the development of civil cases with the process and result of criminal cases, and in preventing the establishment of crimes by utilizing the evidence and facts of civil cases, where the clients’ interests have been protected to the greatest extent.

Some criminal cases require the investigation conducted by administrative departments as a prerequisite procedure, and some criminal cases require the determination by administrative departments as important evidence. Under such circumstances, the acts of relevant administrative departments would irreversibly affect the development of criminal cases, such as securities and futures cases, environmental pollution cases, tax-related cases, etc.

The administrative departments and the criminal departments have established a close administrative-criminal coordination mechanism. Correspondingly, Song Law Firm also intervene in this type of cases in the earliest stage, where Song Lawyers provide experience-based prediction over the impacts of administrative acts, intervene in administrative procedures including investigation, hearing, and reconsideration in advance, and resolve possible criminal charges, to minimize the adverse impacts of administrative acts on the criminal cases.